The latest Android Experiment is the most original game we’ve tested in a long time


Every once in a while, the boys at Android Experiments surprise us with some of their best creations, which show us their abilities when it comes to squeezing out the possibilities of our favorite operating system.

The latest to get to the list of Android experiments is KaleaX, one of the most original games we have seen in a long time, in which, by shooting small paintballs, we must decipher the different objects that appear on the screen.

KaleaX, the Android Experiment in which you guess 3D objects with paint shots

Since the operation of the game may seem complicated with the naked eye, what better than to leave the official video of KaleaX so that you see for yourself how this original experiment created by Alexander Schwank. In short, the game consists of using the fewest paintballs possible, giving shape to the different objects that will appear in each level of the game to be able to decipher what it is. The shots, however, will be limited, and only by guessing the objects – or by in-app payments – we will be able to get new blasts of different types. Luckily, it will be possible to rotate the object so you can throw paint on its various sides and thus find out what object is a simpler way.

KaleaX is a multi-level game where a white 3D object is placed in front of a white background, making it invisible. To identify the object, the player must throw paintballs, covering it with paint splatters until the object can be determined. Through the game, the player can rotate the 3D object and throw paintballs on their different sides. Once the player knows what he is, he can write his answer, and the game will tell him whether or not the answer is correct.

Once we have deciphered the object, we will have to click on the interrogation icon located at the top of the screen and write the name. In the case of error, we will be given the possibility to go back and continue throwing paintballs until discovered.

KaleaX is a game developed with Unity and is now available for download on Android for free. Then we leave the link to Google Play to be able to download it, and we encourage you to go in the commentaries what you think the latest creation of the Android Experiments.

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