5 Free Games of the week you must to try

5 Free Games

We know you like free apps, and if it’s video games, it’s even better, right? Of course, we are always looking for new content to bring you, and you can have a good time with your friends, or if you prefer, playing alone.

So the time has come to make space on your mobile because we are going to show you 5 games that you should try right now. Do you not believe me? You will see how after knowing them, you will want to download them practically all, and they are free!

Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5

We started high, a game that is still a success for Android, which we could compare with the famous League of Legends, a free online Multiplayer Battle Arena (MOBA) for PC. If you like this mythical video game, you are in luck.

We can fight with so-called champions, some characters that have 3 abilities each, with them we will have to defeat all the enemies. The gameplay is very similar to that of the League of Legends, so it’s best to download it and try it on your mobiles. We have a surprise! If we exchange the code “BUTZFIZMT4C8” we can purchase exclusive material.

Download Arena of Valor for Android

Food Truck Chef

Do you like food? Well, if in addition to eating you also like to prepare it, this is your game. Cook the best recipes of the game traveling around the world on your food truck. Pizzas, hamburgers, cakes, all kinds of delicious food to satisfy your customers.


The best thing is to innovate, to use all the ingredients that we have at hand to create new and delicious recipes. Besides, you must improve all your kitchen equipment as well as decorate your food truck, yes, do not forget to invite your friends!

Download Food Truck Chef for Android


We found a card game and role, all together. If you are a fan of this type of content, Battlejack can be a great game for you. Get Titans killed with your guild by participating in high-risk battles.


The best thing you can do is to bring together the best legendary heroes, with them you will create a strong team to defeat any enemy. What’s more, equip your squad members to explore the worlds that await you.

Download Battlejack for Android

WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game

We come to another multiplayer game, in this case, it is a shooter in which we can fight against our friends or other rivals. We must create an army of shooters, drones, and soldiers to deploy it and get us in control.


The objective? Destroy our rivals, build the best arsenal of weapons possible and get ready for war, this has only just begun. Your friends can join the cause; otherwise, you will also have to defeat them.

Download WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game for Android

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

Last but not least, we bring a strategy game. A scenario where we will find several tribes and cities, with the aim of becoming the most powerful and expanding our territory.


In addition to conquering other lands, we must also hunt beasts such as mammoths, saber teeth, and other ancestral characters. Train all available troops and become the leader of all available tribes.

Download Brutal Age: Horde Invasion for Android

Clash Royale: the best ways to begin well all the video games

Clash Royale Guides

Beginning each video game in Clash Royale is a crucial variable not to be in personal bankruptcy of potion and also mistakenly shedding a tower in the initial bars of the fight. To wind up not reducing water with coastline containers, today we recommend a couple of pointers to begin all the video games that we use the title of Supercell:

Do not draw the initial letter. It could not constantly hold true, given that we could not be waiting permanently for our challenger to obtain damp and also the very first step, however we need to attempt not to be the initial to relocate. If we withstand enough time, we will certainly have the advantage of countering its army as well as gain from the protection to damage some life right into the tower.

Fire a letter prior to the potion bar is complete. It is not recommended to leave bench is filled up to the optimum as well as not toss any kind of message to make sure that we could make use of one inexpensive. The technique is to draw the letter a 2nd up until the last sector to fill up because if our challenger no action tab, we will certainly have that little benefit of potion that could bring about an unstoppable assault.

Conserve a number of letters in the sleeve. If we play attempting to use the approach (essential factor in Clash Royale), we’ll be counting the potion that the opponent to recognize you invest if you will certainly quit or if it has bench cleared. The very same chooses the graphes, so we should keep in mind the deck that plays. Now, never ever injured to maintain an ACE (or 2) to amaze the challenger, due to the fact that it will certainly be potentially doing the very same to us.

Identify the approach of the enemy. This component appears far more difficult compared to it is real. Exactly how can we understand our adversary technique? Since we depend upon setups of decks we currently recognize. If the opponent launched a collection agency’s potion and also absolutely nothing even more, it is feasible to prepare a terrible golem, for instance. Due to the fact that a lot of cards, so eye technique.

With these suggestions we will certainly have the ability to begin all our video games with great foot, however do not forget to experience the remainder of our overviews for standard pointers, progressed to obtain tips, mistakes which we need to prevent, when to strike the Tower of the King, how you can establish a deck by using the amazing Clash Royale Hack generator as well as method the benefit of potion, along with our overviews of climb up rapid degree, obtain much gold and also make runs of success obtain impressive letters, obtain famous cards obtain supermagicos breasts and also break out treasures scooping Clash Royale.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends arrives on Android, download it for free!


The most fans of the popular role-playing game series The Elder Scrolls finally can enjoy the adaptation for mobile devices thanks to The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

After an extended beta period, the game has finally landed officially – and free – on Android, to delight all those fans of one of the most famous role-playing video game series for PC and console.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends already available on Android

This new free-to-play title brings Android users to The Elder Scrolls saga through a strategy-based card game based on the world and Elder Scrolls story where we’ll be able to use both the Skyrim world characters as well Like the different dragons that appeared in this favorite game.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has a story mode that assures us hours of gameplay in which to get new cards and bonuses. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of playing with other rivals around the world.

Test your cards against friends, challenge opponents online in the ranked game, or create a deck from scratch and battle other players who have done the same.

In addition to being able to improve our cards by winning games and raising our level, Bethesda Softworks, the developer of the game, ensures that the application will receive monthly updates to introduce a new card each month, and add new improvements to the game periodically.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends can be downloaded today free of charge from Google Play. The game, yes, includes payments within the application ranging from 1.99 euros to 69.99 euros.

Have you tried The Elder Scrolls: Legends? What do you think?