Playing on the mobile is already a scientifically proven method to end stress

mobile gamesFor many, one of the best ways to relax and get rid of stress after a hard day’s work is to spend some time with your mobile enjoying your favorite game. However, it seems that playing at work hours is not too well seen. Yes, I do not understand either.

But from now, everyone who occasionally throws a game at their favorite game to end stress has one more reason to do so: in a recent research conducted by the University of Florida, Conclusion that, indeed, playing on the mobile phone is a surprisingly efficient way to “re-activate” our brain after having performed different tasks at our job.

Now you have an excuse: playing on the mobile ends the stress

In the study, 66 participants underwent a test consisting of using a computer to perform a repetitive and boring task designed to induce cognitive fatigue, which implies a decrease in working memory and decision making, to simulate the tasks that can be done during a working day.

Later, the participants were divided into three groups to take a break. One of them had the opportunity to play a casual style game on their Sushi Cat mobile, available for free on Google Play, while others did a guided relaxation activity and the third group sat quietly without access to any kind Device.

And yes, as we expected, of the three groups, only those who could spend a while playing said they felt better after the break. Meanwhile, those who performed relaxation practices showed a higher score in working memory, but interestingly, these also increased their feelings of concern.

Playing a casual game type, you can even briefly restore the emotional skills of individuals, so it is an appropriate action to restore the mood in response to stress.

So you already know; The next time you get over your work, think about it before you take a break as you did so far, and try to download one of the hundreds of thousands of games available on Android until you get the one that ends your stress at once for all.

Pokémon GO Fest Attendees Claim Niantic


Pokémon GO takes little more than a year between our lives, the summer phenomenon of 2016 that has now been abandoned by many of the users who played daily. What happened? The lack of updates and updates made the trainers tired of always doing the same thing.

However, Niantic does not give up and continues to launch new features – at their pace – that can capture again users who left the game. The last thing we have seen has been the arrival of Legendary Pokémon, news that has liked the players a lot.

Recently the first real event of Pokémon GO took place, that is, the Pokémon Go Fest. An event that was held in Chicago last July 22, which was expected to be a success. What happened? Apparently, different mistakes end up leading to something chaotic, and players have grown tired.

Festival attendees sue Niantic

As they say, if something has to go wrong, it will. Apparently, Niantic is not controlling in the best way that was the success of the summer. What happened now? The past Pokémon Go Fest has been the last straw that has filled the glass, so the players have decided to act.

Several dozen players have filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic, apparently arguing that the publicity of the event had nothing to do with what it was. The plaintiffs are asking for individual compensation for travel costs.

Moreover, one of them, Jonathan Norton hired a lawyer to deal with the case. And this user traveled from California to watch the event, with the aim of playing and capture different Pokémon.

What was your surprise? Like the rest of the participants, Jonathan could not play in the whole event, incredible but true. For this same reason, several groups of players have come together for financial compensation.

So Niantic has offered rebates of $ 100 in coins for the game. The truth is that it is the least they can do after seeing that people have spent part of their savings to attend an event that was finally a fiasco.